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Sean, i'm 18.

Feelings still oppressed
Probably just depressed
On off with my life and the rest
Caring hearts four at best
Yet I’m not sure if I detest
These fuckers or my choices

Couldn’t follow no too fucking simple
Wasn’t the way I pop off like a pimple
Avoiding fags at all cost it’s the principle

Loneliness is the cost of self satisfaction
So I blame my self for coming up alone,

You’d find me at the end of a rope hovering
Without the hall governing
My life sailing me to safety of my own frights
Despair I sit pondering on possible exits in my life
Toss and turn I don’t sleep, I’m restless
Bottled up, at best I’m content with my existence
So I guess I’m not happy at all
bad thoughts are just resisted